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At Ezyskips Online, we’re here to help you find and book the perfect skip bin hire in Perth for your needs. What you will get is the best price and a friendly team who will ethically and responsibly take care of your rubbish and offer help and advice. As a locally owned and operated business, supporting us means you’re helping to ensure your money stays in your community.

How Can we help you with your skip bin choice?

Ezyskips Online have a friendly team of professionals ready to help you make the best choice on your skip bin hire and save you money. If you need help or have any questions regarding your booking, simply email us and we will get back to you straight away.

Need help to choose your Skip Bin waste type?

Ezyskips Online will help you to choose the right skip bin to hire. First of all you should know type of rubbish that you will put in the skip bin. Knowing what type of rubbish you can place in a skip bin hire is simple. Let’s start with the simplest garden waste like leaves, tree and plant pruning, weeds, shrubs and grass clippings. Basically, your average garden clean-up will require our green waste skip bin hire. For heavy garden clean-ups or a garden makeover it’s best to use our Mixed Heavy Waste skip bin. This waste type covers all of the above as well as construction, renovation and demolition. waste and bricks, tiles, timber and metal. It even includes all types of appliances and furniture. General Waste skip bin is a good choice if clearing out household items like fridges dishwashers, garage sale leftovers and anything you just don’t need any more. If you need to get rid of Soil/dirt or sand only, it must be clean with no bricks, stones, concrete or wood mixed into this waste type bin. For more information see:

What Size Skip bin do you need?

Although this is a little harder to work out, you can estimate it by having your waste placed in one large heap. Measure the width, length and height of your rubbish heap. For example if you rubbish heap measures approximately 1m wide x 2m long x 1m high, you will need a 2m³ skip bin. Or you can mark out a space, so a 1.2m x 1.8m is a normal Box trailer size and load would be 1m³. Our Skips sizes are from 2m³ to 10m³ for more see:

2 metres cubic 3 metres cubic 4 metres cubic 6 metres cubic 8 metres cubic 10 metres cubic

How long do you need the skip bin for?

To load a 2m³ skip bin should take no more the 1 to 3 hours as long as you have your waste ready to go. If you are loading and clearing at the same time it could take 2 days. However the average skip bin hire is for 7 days.

How long do you need the skip bin?

Where do I put the skip Bin

Always put the skip bin as close as you can to the area where you are undertaking the work with easy access to your rubbish for loading and removal. Ideal places could be next to the drive way or near the front door on the lawn.

What will happen to our waste in the skip bin?

Ezyskips Online is dedicated to proving the rubbish recycling option to our customers and you can rest assured that every aspect of rubbish removal and recycling is taken care of for you. Ezyskips online works within the guidelines of the National Waste Policy. See the full report here.
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