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Why Choose 1300 Skip Bin Hire In Perth?

Skip Bin Hire Perth can be used in a variety of situations. Perhaps you are planning a home renovation, working on a DIY project or even landscaping your yard and gardens.

You could be a trades service or construction company looking to manage your waste removal. Perhaps you are a commercial or industrial business with large-scale rubbish removal requirements.

When it comes to disposing of your hard waste in Perth (whether you live north of the river or south of the river) booking a skip bin is easy. You can contact our local, 24/7 call centre on (08) 6377 9660 or book using our simple online platform for reliable next day delivery to get skip bins in Perth. In some cases, same-day delivery is available as well.

Why? To save you the time and costs of organising and hiring a trailer, loading it up with garbage, and taking it to the dump, a skip bin could be placed on your Perth property or job site. Factor in what your time is worth to you or your business. Skip bins are the logical choice for all rubbish removal.

This is exactly why we have established our online platform for the best price skip dumpster hire in Perth. You will save a lot of time and money by hiring a skip bin in Perth rather than trying to do all of this yourself.

Call 1300 Skips on (08) 6377 9660.

BOOK A BIN (08) 6377 9660

What Size of Skip Bins Do We Have?

1300 Skip Bin Hire offers a wide selection of skip bin sizes for you to choose from, including 2m3, 3m3, 4m3 and 6m3 bins. We also stock bins up to 8m3 and 10m3 options perfect for construction job sites, renovation projects and all residential, commercial and industrial waste management.


Best for Residential Use Ramp included Equivalent to 8 wheelie bins


Best for Residential Use Ramp included Equivalent to 12 wheelie bins


Best for Residential Use Ramp included Equivalent to 16 wheelie bins


Best for Industrial Use Ramp included Equivalent to 24 wheelie bins


Best for Industrial Use Ramp included Equivalent to 32 wheelie bins


Best for Industrial Use Ramp included Equivalent to 40 wheelie bins

skip bin waste types

You Can Hire a Skip Bin in Perth That Fits Your Specific Project Size

1300 Skip Bin Hire offers short and long-term skip dumpster hire options for all of your rubbish removal needs in Perth. Looking for help choosing the right skip bin size for your next project from 1300 Skip Bin Hire in Perth? Here is a handy guide to the skip size that’s most likely to suit your project.

  • 2-3m3 skip bins: We offer this standard size skip bin size for clearing out your home, garden waste, or a couple of pieces of furniture. Generally suited for residential purposes like moving or spring cleaning.
  • 4-6m3 skip bins: These dumpster bins are ideally suited for trades services and construction projects. You will be able to fit the waste materials from an entire room in these options, so if you are pulling out an old kitchen or bathroom, these skips are your best choice.
  • 8m3 skip bins: These skip bins are ideal when you are dealing with larger construction or renovation projects.
  • 10m3 skip bins: If you have a larger project that is going to produce waste over time, these large Perth bin hire will fit the bill perfectly. Equally suited to multi-unit or other major construction projects as well as commercial, industrial and office rubbish requirements where the waste will build up over the month.

You can contact us on (08) 6377 9660 if you need more information about skip sizes in Perth or if you need to book an affordable skip.

What Will It Cost to Hire 1300 Skip Bin Hire Solutions?

Our company is the leading provider of Perth bin hire service, and we have built our reputation on delivering the most affordable solutions.

Our sturdy bins are suitable for:


● All general household waste

Garden waste

● Renovation and construction waste

● Bricks

● Tiles

● Concrete

● Dirt

● Sand

● All kinds of metal


Our company has been providing customer satisfaction for almost a decade, and we promise that both private and commercial businesses can order our dependable Perth bin hire whenever they need them.

Contact our team today on (08) 6377 9660.

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I found out about 1300 Skip Bin Hire after looking for the skip bins in Perth in Google search to manage the piling waste that have been lying on my backyard for quite some times.

Looking at their years of reputation without hesitation I decided to give a shot on their easy-to-use booking system. Booked a skip bin for the next day, the team delivered it right on time as mentioned at 09:15 am, I was a bit of shocked by their on-time delivery and the team prompt on-site services where they recommend me to place the bin on the backyard instead of the usual in front of the house because it will be easier for me to collect all of the waste on the backyard as well as from inside the house. Thank you for the warm services glad I’d chosen you guys.

Christine H
Rockingham Resident


A friend of mine recommended 1300 Skip Bin Hire to manage the waste accumulated from my house renovation project. At that time I was thinking a mini skip bin hire of 2m3 was enough, which turns out it didn’t because apparently, the wastes accumulated much bigger than what I am expected. Called them again on the same day, they delivered the second bin with the size of 4m3 just 30 minutes after I hung up the phone. Story short, the bins now more than enough to manage all of the waste and I am happy with the prompt response of the team. Thank you.

Jeniffer T
Mandurah Resident